The Once and Future King - scene 6

Somewhere in a tent on their way to Camelot: King Alined meets a young man. Both stand in front of each other, looking at each other. King Alined wears his old armour. He is old and a bit fat. The young man, his nephew, is strong. He has blond hair, dark eyes and wears a clean and fitting amour. King Alined is pleased to see him: "Welcome my boy, let’s sit down here." Both take a seat at a big wodden table. The young man looks up to his uncle: "Thank you uncle, when are we going to reach Camelot?" The old king smiles: "Tomorrow afternoon, are you ready?" 

The young man looks helpless. He tries to cover his uncertainty with a smile: "That is point, I want to discuss with you. Is it really a good idea to challange the queen? What if Arthur is still alive?" King Alined stops the young man with a short movement of his hand. With strength in his voice he tells the young man: "This is rubbish. This is your chance to become king. We need to take that chance. By the way i can’t accept a serving girl as your queen. Camelot will be mine!" 

The young man seems to get  a lot smaller: "I’m sorry uncle. You are right as always.  So what do I have to do?" King Alined looks evil, his eyes are shining and his smile turns crazy: "We do what we can do best: spread rumors and mistrust. This is all we need. With my support they will follow you. Nobody wants a weak queen." He pauses and smiles: "and with some nice gifts we lead some of the knights and nobles of Camelot." He grins and takes his goblet: "A toast: To the former king, my nephew!"


The Once and Future King - scene 7

It is dark at the lake. Only the moon and the stars spend some light. Merlin and Sir Percival are sleeping. Next to the little fire, they are lying on the floor, covered with blankets. Eyerthing is quiet here, no noise. Everything is so peacefully.. 

But look at SirPercival: this is not a deep sleep, he turns arround from one side to the other. He is dreaming.


The Once and Future King - scene 8

Sir Percival’s dream:

A light, so shining so warm and trusted, a light that takes all your attention. Everything else disappears, everything else isn’t important in that moment. In the light a man appears: he is strong, he is big and he shines with greatness. The man wears a white trousers and a white shirt. And arround his neck he wears a chain that holds an amulet. This amulet contains a crystal in the middle. This crystal shines as the light itself, like the stars and the moon together. The man walkes straight to Percival, no he don’t walkes, he seems to float! The whole man symbolises only one thing: honour! It is Arthur, it is the king! The king puts his hands in Percival’s direction: "Sir Percival! Sir Percival! Listen to me: Percival you have to trust, you need to find your religion, you need to make your peace, you need to find yourself! If you have found your religion, you will find your king, you will find me!" 


The Once and Future King - scene 9

Sir Percival awakes. He jumps up and calls after the man in the light: "Where do i have do look for it? What is it, that do I have to look for?" But the man in the light is gone, everything is dark again. Everything is as nothing has happened. Nevertheless, everywhere you hear Arthur’s voice. The trees, the field, the fire, the water, everything wispers with Arthur’s voice:  "Look with your heart, make your peace, find your religion and you will find me.." Suddenly everything is silently, no noise, even the wind seems to sleep.. 

Sir Percival looks arround. Nobody to see. He makes some steps towards the shore of the lake and looks to the isle. Merlin appears behind him, he puts his left hand on Sir Percival’s shoulder, he smiles. He knows what happened, he looks as would he have expected that..

Sir Percival turns towards Merlin, in his eyes shine tears. Merlin presses Sir Percival’s  shoulder with his  hand: "You have seen him, haven’t you? Now you understand what i have said. Now you understand why it is so important to believe." Sir Percival falls down on his knees. He looks up to Merlin: "I didn’t believed that he is alive, I didn’t believed that he would return. Forgive me." Merlin pulls him up: "Me, I don’t need to forgive you. You and you alone have to forgive yourself." He looks to the isle. Percival wonders, he never before has seen Merlin in that way. Merlin shines with a wisedom, he never noticed before. 

Sir Percival stands up: "Why doesn’t he return now?" Merlin smiles: "The lake can only be passed facing dead. But true believe and trust can build a brigde." Sir Percival wonders again about Merlin: "You knew that this would happen!" He still fixes Merlin: "So what can I do? And why me?" Merlin turns towards  Sir Percival, he looks into his face, into his eyes, into his heart: “You need to find what you have lost. You are the keeper of the true credence!”


The Once and Future King - scene 10

Gwen sits at the top of the table in the council chamber. On her left side, sits Sir Leon, on her right side sits Gaius. Sir Gwaine stands behind the queen, ready to intervene. All of them look determined. There are a lot other people in that room, he is filled with nobles and knights. 

The door opens and King Alined comes into the room. He is followed by the young man. 

Gwen looks straight at the king: "King Alined what a nice surprise. Welcome, you are right in time for the ceremony. In the afternoon, I’ll take Arthur’s place." King Alined takes steps forward to the table. He grins: "Mylady, it seems I’m in time, in time to stop you. Forgive my openness, your are a beauty, a wonderful wife and queen to your husband. But you are not noble and you are not named as Arthur’s heir to the throne. You can’t take his place. In the name of my nephew, i demand to stop the ceremony to think about. I demand that there will be a election like it is written in Camelot’s laws. There must be an election of a noble of all nobles of the kingdom. So I prefere my nephew, he is a noble of this kingdom."

What a noise comes up, everybody has another opinion. All people in that room are discussing, shouting. Everything goes crazy. 

King Alined looks confidently: "Look nephew, round one is won. Soon all the knights and nobles will recognise how helpless the queen really is." The young man frightens as he looks into the eyes of his uncle. He looks scared.  But his uncle doesn’t notice, he goes on: "Then our hour will come, you claime the throne and Camelot is mine."

The queen stands up, for a moment everybody pauses. Everybody calmes down. Gwen looks into the round: "In the end Morgana has won. The king is lost, the kingdom devided. The pillars of Camelot: loyality and trust are broken." Gwen turns arround and leaves the room. Gaius, Sir Leon and Sir Gwaine follow their queen. 


Correct the Wrong

Before season 6 can start, I have to correct the wrong. I rewrote the final, in fact i rewrote just a few scenes. Most of the final is as it should be: amazing!

But there are at least two men dying, who have to live!


Prologue: Right the Wrong - scene 1

Bathed in sweat Merlin wakes up. “Arthur?” His friend lives, it was only a nightmare. But the King of Camelot is weak. Merlin must take him to this lake in time. They must go on. Time is running out. “Arthur?” Merlin tries to wake him once more but the king doesn’t react. No, this mustn’t be! “Arthur!” Merlin doesn’t see any other way out. His dream may not come true. He mustn’t come to the lake too late. He knows only one who can help him now. He calls the Great Dragon: “Draca, eom, ala, sece findan metan, teosu hus anbid!”(phonetic: Drakon, e male so ftengometta tesd hup anankes!) 

What a terrible sight: Sir Gwaine shackled, with hanging head. He shows no sign of life. Sir Percival is horrified. He goes to its knees. Despair shines in his eyes. It finally results in a lonely tear. Carefully he lifts Gwaine’s head. He’s alive! Sir Gwaine lives! “Gwaine! I thought I’ve lost you!” A tiny smile runs over Percival’s face. Gwaine opens his eyes and for a moment he looks into the eyes of his friend. Just for a moment. His exhaustion is too big. He needs all strength he has to open his eyes again. “I’ve failed.” With his last power he whispers: “I’ve told Morgana about Avalon.” Gwaine collapses.  Sir Percival frees his friend and lays him down on the ground. He has tears in his eyes. Sadly, he looks down at the unconscious knight. “I promise, I’ll find them in time.” As he takes Gwaine’s hand, the knight awakes. He lifts his head and his voice is trembles. “Hurry! I manage.” Sir Percival has doubts. “Really?” Sir Gwaine tries to smile. “Meet me in the tavern!” As if time stands still both smile at each until Gwaine faints again. Sir Percival stands up. He is determined.     

As the Great Dragon lands, Merlin and Kilgharrah look at each other. “Kilgharrah, I need your help! Please!” Tears run down his cheeks, his voice sounds desperate. “Merlin, Arthur is lost. You can’t save him. It is too late.” The young sorcerer shakes his head. “I won’t give up. There must be something. Please!” The Great Dragon sighs. “There is one last chance. You have to use the power over life and death. You have used it once to save Gaius. Now you have to use it to save your king.” Merlin looks down at Arthur. “And this will save him?” Kilgharrah hesitates. “Merlin ..” The young wizard looks up at the dragon. “If this is the only way to save him, I’ll do that. I’ll sacrifice myself.” The Great Dragon gets louder. “Merlin, listen. Your death won’t save him. Your death would only prolong his life but it would not save him. You still must take him to this lake to save him.” Merlin’s voice trembles. “If I sacrifice myself, will you take him to Avalon? Please!” Kilgharrah lowers his head, he whispers: “Merlin, I can’t. I’m not strong enough. I hardly had the strength to follow your call.”

Merlin goes to its knees. “Then everything is lost. Arthur is lost.” The Great Dragon shakes his head. Lovingly he adds: “Merlin, this is not true. Everything you fought for is going to happen. Albion lives. Magic returns. With your help the Queen continues Arthur’s work.” Merlin is hardly able to speak: “It doesn’t matter. Albion means nothing to me without Arthur. How can I be happy without my friend?”

 ”It is my fault that he dies. It was my duty to protect him. How can I walk through Albion without him? I’ll miss Arthur every single moment! I can’t .. ” Kilgharrah interrupts the young wizard. “Merlin .. ” The young sorcerer looks down at his King. He smiles. “If this is his last trip, we will take them together.” He stands up. “Thank you for coming, thank you for everything you did for me.” Instead of looking up into his Kilgharrah’s eyes he looks down to the ground. He turns around and goes back to Arthur. The King’s servant kneels beside him. More tears running down his cheeks. He tenderly strokes his face. He whispers his name. “Arthur.” Again and again. 


Right the Wrong - scene 2

"Merlin, there is one last thing to do." Merlin looks up. "Merlin, you can sacrifice me." The sad wizard shakes his head. "No! No I can’t. I can’t sacrifice one friend for another." In a low voice the Great Dragon adds: "Merlin, look at me. This is Arthur’s only chance. I’m tired, I’m dying. If you don’t sacrifice me today, I have left maybe 3 or 4 weeks before I die. Not more. But if I give my life for Arthur, I’ll be immortal .. and I  right the wrong which I caused when I attacked Camelot." Merlin looks into Kilgharrah’s eyes. "No!" But the Great Dragon doesn’t change his mind. "Merlin, you must! My death prolongs his life for maybe 3 or 4 hours. You have to hurry. You must take him to this lake." With pain in his voice Merlin asks: "Are you sure that you want me to do that?" Kilgharrah nods. "I’m. But there is one last favour to ask. Look after Aithusa, she is the last of my kind". Merlin stands up. "I promise." 

Kilgharrah looks up into the sky and spreads its wings. “Merlin, you have no time to lose. It was an honour to know you.” Merlin nods. He raises his arms. His eyes are full of determination. The sky turns dark. Lightnings appear. Suddenly Merlin catches one and leads it into the dragon. Kilgharrah dissolves. In disappearing the dragon whispers a last “Goodbye”. With love in his eyes, Merlin looks into the sky. “Thank you old friend, thank you for everything. You’ve paid your guilt. I shall never forget you.” He takes a deep breath and kneels beside Arthur. Merlin bends over his King. Nothing has changed. Merlin despairs. He shouts at him. “Arthur! Arthur!” Then for a tiny second, Arthur opens his eyes, before he faints again. Merlin smiles. He dries his tears with his hands and lifts up his friend. He puts Arthur’s arm around himself and looks into his face. He smiles devoted. “Next time my friend, more training and less feasting!”


Right the Wrong - scene 3

Suddenly a noise. Merlin turns around to bump into Sir Percival. The knight has a big smile on his face. “Sir Percival, heaven sends you!” Percival is speechless for a moment. At first he looks at Arthur, then he looks at Merlin. “Merlin, what can I do?” Hopefully Merlin looks at the knight. “We must take him to the lake as fast as we can.” Sir Percival nods. He answers with determination in his voice: “Alright, as fast as we can.” He draws Arthur of Merlin and with a powerful movement he throws the King over his shoulder. Merlin is perplexed. Percival smiles at him. “As fast as we can.” Both turn around towards the lake and start to run. And they run: Merlin runs at the top. Sir Percival follows him. Their King is still unconscious and hangs over the knight’s shoulder. They run over stock and stone. They run without to look back, without to think. Just straight ahead.


Right the Wrong - scene 4

As they reach the lake they aren’t able to speak. They struggle for breath. Their faces glow, their hair stick on their heads. Sir Percival carefully lays Arthur down on the shore of the lake. They are still out of breath. Both look at Arthur. “Is he alive?” Merlin feels Arthur’s pulse. His eyes shine: “He is, but he is weak.” Merlin looks around. There is a little boat in the lake. “We have to put him into it and then we have to undress him. Hurry!” Sir Percival catches the boat and turns towards Merlin. “Undress him?” Merlin lifts up his king. Percival lends a helping hand. Both lay him into the boat. Merlin starts to take off Arthur’s armour. “This is a sacred place. They won’t let him pass the lake with weapons and armour.” Percival pauses: “Him? We won’t go with him?”

Without to stop undressing Arthur, Merlin explains: “I wished we could. But only if your death is near, you can pass the lake.” Sir Percival isn’t convinced. Doubtfully he looks at Merlin. Meanwhile Merlin finished to undress the King. He looks into Sir Percival’s eyes. “Trust me, please.” The King is now wearing only his underwear. He looks like he would sleep. Merlin fondles his head. “See you later my friend. I wait for you.” Merlin and the knight make a step backwards. The boat starts sailing towards that isle in the middle of the lake.

Sir Percival and Merlin, both look after the boat until it is disappeared in the fog which surrounds the isle. Percival still isn’t convinced. “Have we done the right thing? Will he return?” Merlin still peers towards the isle. “He will.” Sir Percival looks at Merlin. “When will he return?” Merlin smiles at his friend. “To be honest I don’t know. His wounds are deep. It will take time. Maybe a day, a month, a year? It takes as long as it takes. But he is alive and in the end he will return.”

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