Merlin season 6 episode 15: Ritual of the Three Souls - part 2 - scene 1

As Merlin wakes up, it’s already noon. His head hurts. When he sits up, he looks into the face of an old man. He frightens. The old man sits opposite to him at a fire. He has long white hair and a long white beard. A large pot hangs over a fire, in which a deliciously smelling soup is cooking. Merlin’s stomach answers immediately. “Sit down beside me. You need to eat something.” Merlin shakes his head and looks around. It is about an hour walk to the camp. “I have no time, but thank you.” “That was not an offer.” And like a command, a bowl of soup flies into his hands. As Merlin looks back to the old man, his eyes just change their color. “Sit down beside me, Emrys. I know what you came for. There is still plenty of time. Now is time to eat and time to listen.” Merlin opens his mouth to reply to something, but then he walks to the old man by the fire and sits down.

While Merlin is eating, the old man starts to talk. “My name is Havgan. I am one of the druids of Albion. And I’m here to warn you. This place is something special. You shouldn’t be here. But now it is too late.”  Puzzled, Merlin looks at him. “Why? What’s wrong with me?” The old man smiles. “Emrys. Throughout my life, I read in the stars. My whole life I’ve been watching you. I have accompanied you.” Merlin puts his plate on the floor. “You have accompanied me? But I don’t know you.” “No? Well, did you never asked yourself who taught you to read and write? You grew up in a small village. That’s unusual, isn’t it?” Merlin shakes his head. “My mother taught me that.” The old man smiles. “Really? Rather, I think you can’t remember it. I always knew how to cover my tracks.” Merlin looks at him thoughtfully. “Indeed, I don’t remember you.”

Havgan extends his hand. “Merlin, I’ve lived in your village. I’ve been watching you for many years. Until you went to Camelot to face your destiny. And now we meet again.” He sadly shakes his head. “I tried to prevent it. Surely you have wondered why you’ve never heard of this place or why it doesn’t attract you, like all the other magicians?” Merlin nods. “The answer is simple. I put a spell on you. All these years I tried to keep you away from here. Unfortunately in vain.” 

The old druid pauses before he adds. “Merlin, this place is dangerous for Arthur as well as for you.” Merlin finds it strange. “But why? What is so dangerous here? “The old man sighs.” This sacrificial stone in the center of the stone circle is cursed. Mordred knows that if he sacrifices Arthur here, then a big part of the magic passes to him. So far no one has been able to perform the ritual totally. But was it started, it can hardly be stopped. The sacrificial stone lives a life of its own. If you try to stop the ritual, the stone will try everything to stop you.”

Merlin shakes his head. “What?” Havgan continues. “In the moment you enter the stone circle, you’re in range of the stone. It will try to seduce you. It will show you pictures. It will use magic. Your own magic. Mordred has chosen Arthur as the third victim by placing him on the sacrificial stone. If it is necessary, the stone will kill Arthur with your magic. Merlin, the sacrificial stone has access to everything in its catchment area.”

Merlin is shocked. “But why?” The old man breathes through. “A part of the power of the souls will be redirected directly to the Goddess of the Old Religion. Mordred will receive a lot of magic. But the Goddess will claim her part. The stone is in her service. And the Goddess will fight for Arthur’s soul.” Merlin nods. “She will lose this fight.” “Merlin, don’t underrate this! The Old Religion is very powerful in this place. It can make you to do things that you don’t want. I had my reasons to keep you away from here. Merlin, Mordred must not win! You must not enter the stone circle! Don’t you understand that? If you enter the stone circle, you’ve already lost!” Merlin jumps up. “But how can I save Arthur?”

The old man smiles. “We should talk about that. Come here. Sit down next to me. This fight of religions must come to an end today.” Merlin sits next to the old man. “You only have one chance. You have to use your magic to save Arthur. And you have to do it outside of the stone circle. And you have to reveal yourself. You have to reveal your magic. The people need to see that Arthur trusts a magician. Only then, they will let him leave the stone circle.” Merlin nods. “I understand.” The old man smiles. “And Merlin, Arthur must leave the stone circle. Merlin, only when the ritual has ended, you can enter the stone circle. Only when the ritual has ended, the danger is over.” He sighs. “And it doesn’t end until it is completed by Mordred. That must not happen! Or Arthur has left the stone circle or Mordred has canceled the ritual. Merlin, only then you can enter the stone circle. Promise me!” Merlin nods. “I promise.”


Ritual of the Three Souls - part 2 - scene 2

The Queen of Camelot and King Lot are together in a tent. Sir Leon and Sir Galahad are with them. The tent is located outside the forest in which the meeting of the druids takes place. The camp of the druids and their families around the stone circle is bounded from one side by the lake. The other side is surrounded by the soldiers of the united army. There is no escape.

Together they stand at a small table and look down at a map until the moment as Sir Gwaine and Sir Percival arrive. Gwen looks up pleased and embraces the long-lost friend. “Sir Gwaine! Nice to see you again. Although the reason for this is less encouraging.” The knight smiles. “Good to be back. Good to be knight again.” He bows before King Lot. “Your Highness.” The king nods. “We are now complete. Let’s consider how we can free King Arthur.” King Lot points at a map. “This is the camp of the kidnappers. And here is the stone circle. We have to fight our way through the entire camp to get there. The stone circle with the sacrificial stone is shielded on the other side by a lake. From there, we can’t approach.”

The Queen is horrified. “Through the whole camp? But as far as I know, there are also many women and children.” King Lot nods. “They use the families as a shield. If we want to save Arthur, we have no choice.” Sir Gwaine isn’t very enthusiastic. “That’s not very reassuring.” He looks up at the others. “Is it true that the people there have magic?” Gwen nods. “According to Merlin, they have.” Now it is King Lot, who is surprised. “According to Merlin?” He looks around. “Where is he?” The Queen breathes through. “He single-handedly tries to save his King and to prevent the slaughter.” King Lot shakes his head. “This stubborn ..  this is suicide!” Sir Leon nods. “I agree with you. But if we attack now, we might be able to save him, too.” Sir Percival nods as well. “We should attack as soon as possible. Now it is bright, but if we wait until it gets dark, the magicians have the advantage.”

Sir Gwaine thinks about the situation. Then he looks up at Gwen. “What did Merlin say about that?” Gwen looks into the round. “He said we should give him time. He tries to convince this people to a peaceful solution.” Sir Gwaine nods. “Then we should wait.” Now the others look at him in astonishment. “Sir Gwaine? We are supposed to wait? What are we supposed to wait? That Arthur is sacrificed and and Merlin is killed?” Now Sir Galahad interferes. “I know Merlin. If he says we should give him time, we should do that.” King Lot shakes his head. “He is a servant and yes he is a physician. But what can he do? Is he thinking that if he asks the people nicely, they’ll let Arthur go?” Sir Leon nods in agreement. “Besides, how long should we wait? What if we wait here and our King is sacrificed in the meantime?” Before Gwen can say something, Lord Ryan enters the tent.

"We still have enough time. The ritual will take place only to the constellation. And the constellation is not until midnight. Mordred wants to perform the ritual of the three souls, he must wait." All turn around. King Lot looks at him. "And who are you, if I may ask? And how do you know that?" Lord Ryan steps closer. "My name is Lord Ryan, Your Highness. I accompany Sir Gwaine. And I’ve informed me. Besides I am a physician and know a little about astronomy. The right moment for the ritual is today at midnight."

He smiles. “And I also know Merlin. If he says he needs time, we should give him time. We can still attack. But should only exist the slightest chance to prevent this war, we should use it.” Gwen nods approvingly. “Well said Lord Ryan. Maybe we can first try to negotiate and send a messenger to the camp. I want to resolve this conflict peacefully. In the camp are women and children, they are completely uninvolved. But if we attack, they will defend themselves. It will be a slaughter on both sides. Let us try to prevent this.” King Lot is surprised. “Good. As you wish. I will send a messenger to the camp.”


Ritual of the Three Souls - part 2 - scene 3

"Slept well, My Lord?" Mordred looks scornfully down at the King, who lies on the stone. "Or was it too hard? I beg your pardon. Next time I’ll let you get some pillows." He grins maliciously. Arthur slowly opens his eyes. He looks right into the sun. It blinds him. Mordred makes one step closer to the stone. His body gives a little shade. Blinking Arthur looks up at Mordred. 

"Mordred. Have you come to kill me?" Mordred laughs. "Not yet, my King. Not yet. We still have some time." He looks around. "But I must say, I’m disappointed. Where is he, your little loyal fool? Where’s Merlin?" Arthur closes his eyes. That’s a good question. Again and again he is tempted to call Merlin with his crystal. But he still can control himself. "He won’t come. He knows that he has to protect Camelot. And not only me." Mordred laughs loud and nasty. "You know as well as I do, that that isn’t true. He will come and try to rescue you. And then he will die."

Mordred runs around the stone. Instantly the sun burns relentlessly in the King’s face. “Isn’t that funny? Today Camelot will be destroyed, you will die and Emrys will accompany you.” Then he bends down to Arthur. “And do you know what is the best? You will die with the knowledge that all is lost.” He laughs again. “If Merlin appears here, and we both know he will, he can’t prevent the attack on the camp. From this massacre, from this slaughtering of children and women Camelot will never recover. If Merlin doesn’t come, I will perform this ritual. Then I’m invincible and I will also destroy Camelot. Isn’t that wonderful! Whatever Merlin does he can only lose.”

Arthur shakes his head. “Merlin will find a way. We will stop you.” Mordred’s laughter dies. “Your faith in your servant is really heart-warming, but completely useless. He has no chance.” He looks around. “You know, this is a special place. It is not only a stone circle where people offer their sacrifices to the Old Religion. It is the stone on which you lie. It is not just a rock. No, it possesses its own powers.” He grins. “Only the druids know of these powers. And your friend is not a Druid.” 

He grins again. “I’m afraid you’re hoping in vain. You will die, Camelot will go down and Emrys will accompany you. He will die with the knowledge that everything he did was for nothing.” Maliciously laughing, he leaves the King lying on the stone. The King has his eyes still closed. What if Mordred is right? He tugs at his bonds. If he could only free himself. But all he achieves, is that the iron shackles cut painfully into his wrists. Despair rises. Despair and anger.

"Stop it!" Arthur winces. Carefully he opens his eyes and looks into the face of Pelleas. "Stop tugging at your shackles! You won’t help Emrys this way." Arthur swallows. "You again." The young druid nods. "I’ve brought you some more water. You need to drink." He gently lifts Arthur’s head, holding the cup to his lips. "Don’t give up! And don’t despair!" Greedily the King empties the cup. "Listen to me! Don’t give up! You need to stay awake and you have to keep your mind together. If you now despair and act thoughtlessly, Mordred has already won. Keep calm. The ritual will go on at midnight today. Until then, you need to stay calm." He nods encouragingly.

At this moment Mordred comes back. “Hey, you! Get out! Who allowed you to bring him some water?” Pelleas winces. “I have to go. Hold on!”


Ritual of the Three Souls - part 2 - scene 4

"Your Highness?" King Lot looks around to the servant who has just entered the tent. "Your Highness, the messenger that you have sent to the camp, has just returned." King Lot looks at Queen Gwen. "Then bring him here." The servant hesitates. "My Lord, this won’t work. He’s dead. They have tied him dead on the horse and sent it back." King Lot nods. "The answer was clear." He looks back to the servant. "You may go. Ensure his funeral." The servant bows and leaves the tent. Sir Leon sighs. "My Lady, King Lot. It dawns already. We should attack as long as there is still a remaining light." Gwen shakes her head and sits down on a chair next to the table. "I’m sorry. Has he family?" King Lot nods. "I’ll make sure that his family is supplied."

Gwen nods. She swallows. “Then we have no choice?” She looks at Lord Ryan and Sir Gwaine. “Still no message from Merlin?” Both shake their heads. “No, My Lady.” She looks up at King Lot and Sir Leon. “Sir Leon, make everything ready for battle.” The knight nods. “I’m sorry.” Gwen nods. King Lot nods as well. “I’ll strengthen your combat ranks with my army.” He turns around and gives instructions to one of his knights. Sir Gwaine breathes through. “Please, it’sn’t lost everything. We still have some time. Don’t give Merlin up!” King Lot walks back to the table. “Merlin is lost. He was doomed from the beginning. What could he have done? I know that he loves his King. But that was madness .. ” Sir Galahad looks from the Queen to King Lot. “My Lady, please. Tell them!” Gwen sighs. “We will make everything ready for battle. But we won’t attack!”

Horrified Sir Leon and Sir Percival look at her. “My Lady, it is getting dark. We must attack, we have no choice!” King Lot looks at her also. “Your knights are right.” Gwen shakes her head. “You would be right, if they would know all the details. But there is something that they don’t know.” She looks at Sir Gwaine, Sir Galahad and Lord Ryan. All three men hold their breath. “Enough of this hiding game. It has taken far too long. We should have announced it long ago.” She takes a deep breath. “It is Merlin. He is much more than he seems. He is a sorcerer. Perhaps the most powerful sorcerer who walks on earth. If one man can save Arthur and prevent this war, then it is Merlin.”

King Lot opens his mouth in astonishment. “He’s what? You are joking? Aren’t you?” The Queen rises. “No, it’s true. Merlin is a sorcerer and he protects Arthur as long as they know each other.” Sir Leon and Sir Percival breathe deeply. “Then I finally understand why Arthur has changed the laws.” Sir Leon is still stunned. On the contrary, Sir Petrcival looks at Sir Gwaine and Sir Galahad. “You knew? Didn’t you? You knew and didn’t tell me!” He sadly shakes his head. Gwen looks at him. “They couldn’t.They weren’t allowed to tell anyone. We had to protect Merlin. I only tell you now to explain why we need to trust Merlin. We have to give him some more time.”

King Lot is angry. “Why do I find out this now? You should have told me at your arrival!” Accusingly he looks at the Queen of Camelot. “Do you have any more secrets? Then it would be time to inform me!” Gwen shakes her head. “I’m sorry. I beg your pardon. I don’t have no more secrets. And I’m really grateful for your support.” King Lot nods. “Fine. Then we should now adjust the new plans.” Together they look back on the map.


Ritual of the Three Souls - part 2 - scene 5

Mordred shouts at Pelleas again. “You, I asked you a question! And I expect an answer!” Mordred’s eyes change color and the young druid is thrown to the ground. Mordred walks up to him. Pelleas looks anxiously at him. “So? Who allowed you to bring him something to drink?”

 ”That was me.” Morderd turns around. Behind him in the stone circle stands Havgan, one of the upper druids. Mordred smiles malignant. “I should have known. I should have known, that you are here.” The old druid looks down at Pelleas. “Stand up. Go to my tent. Run!” The young druid looks from Havgan to Mordred. Mordred nods. “Get out!” He struggles to his feet and runs away.

"Havgan. You know that you can’t stop me. I’m already much more powerful than you." The old druid relies heavily on a stick. I don’t intend to stop you. I’m located in the stone circle. I know the secret of the stone." He smiles. "Just as you know it." Mordred grins. "You are smart. But I’m smarter. If you don’t want to stop me, what do you want then?" The old man sighs. "I want to prevent this war." Mordred laughs out loud. "For this old man, it is far too late. The Queen of Camelot will attack tonight. You know it as well as I do." Havgan shakes his head. "But you will be responsible for the death of hundreds of innocent people, families with children." Mordred shrugs. "Why should I care about other people’s suffering?"

Havgan looks at him. “But I thought you wanted to free the magic? I thought you wanted to put an end to the tyranny?” Mordred laughs out loud again. “You and I, we both know that’s a lie. All I want is the power of this ritual and to destroy Camelot at the same time.” Havgan shakes his head. “I suspected it. But I had not believed it yet.” Mordred smiles. “You should better go now. And keep away your young druid of my victim. You should use the time to prepare for the fight if you don’t want to die.” He grins nasty, turns around and leaves the old druid.

Havgan goes up to the sacrificial stone on which the King of Camelot still lies. Arthur has followed the conversation. Since the sun no longer blinds him, he opened his eyes. He looks at the old druid. “Then I have to thank you for the water?” The old man smiles. “No, you have to thank Pelleas. I actually had forbidden him to come here. But the boy does rarely what I tell him.” Arthur swallows. “I thought ..” “What did you think?” “I thought .. I hoped that you would help me. Seems I was wrong.” 

The old man shakes his head. “I can’t. Mordred is too powerful. He accepts me here just because he doesn’t want to provoke the displeasure of the others. But I can’t stop him. Only someone else can do that.” He looks into the eyes of the King. “He’s in the camp. He’s a good man. I hope you really deserve his loyalty and friendship. I don’t know you, Arthur Pendragon. But if I can believe him, you will bring us peace and freedom.” Arthur looks at him in surprise. “I ..” The old druid turns around and leaves. Before leaving the stone circle completely, he looks at him again. “He trusts you. I hope you don’t disappoint him.” Then he disappears into the trees.


Ritual of the Three Souls - part 2 - scene 6

Impatiently Merlin is running back and forth in Havgan’s tent, as suddenly a young man enters. Puzzled, he looks at him. “I’m sorry. But Havgan told me that I should go into his tent. Of course I’ll leave you immediately. I beg your pardon.” Merlin looks at him. The boy turns around to leave the tent, as Havgan enters. “It’s time.” He looks at Merlin. “Emrys? Are you ready?” Merlin nods. Pelleas looks speechless from Havgan to Merlin.

The old druid smiles. “The preparations for the ultimate sacrifice have begun. There will be a large meeting around the stone circle. Everybody wants to see the sacrifice of the King. This is your chance. You only have this one. Use it.” Then he looks at Pelleas. “Come on, let’s go.” The young druid nods. Then he follows the upper druid out of the tent. As Havgan reaches the stone circle, he sees that he was right. Around the sacrificial stone, a large crowd has gathered. In the middle of the crowd is Mordred. He smiles relaxed. “Friends. Now it won’t take much longer. In two hours we will have done it. Then the time has come. Then the sun, the moon and the earth will have taken their special constellation. Then Alvarr will kill the King. Only then will we be free.” The crowd cheers and bawls. 

Arthur lies on the sacrificial stone in the center of the stone circle. He has closed his eyes again. For a moment he tried to look at the people around him. But he couldn’t stand the hatred of the people for long. Two hours. So he has to live for another two hours. Where’s Merlin? The old man said that he is already in the camp. And then there is Gwen. How long will she be able to delay the attack on the camp? He sighs quietly to himself. The crowd around him doesn’t notice. The people are completely wild. They have suppressed all doubts. They celebrate their festival. Happily they wait for the big moment.

Suddenly a voice penetrates into the minds of all these people. “Arthur? Can you hear me?” It is Merlin and he calls his King in his mind. For a moment, all participants are perplexed. Then they burst into laughter. Above all, Mordred. Then he responds in Arthur’s place. “Emrys, nice that you’re with us. But you should know that only people with magic can speak in their minds. I thought you were smarter than that.” Again laughter follows. But Merlin doesn’t stop. “Arthur? Please you must answer me. Trust me.” The laughter is now deafening. “Emrys, where were you? I’ve been waiting for you.”

Suddenly, it’s deathly quiet. Laughter is frozen on their faces. The people look around. Stunned, they look at each other. Mordred turns to Arthur. “How is that possible?” He looks down at Arthur. But the King doesn’t answer. Instead, it is once again Merlin, who communicates with his King in his mind. “My Lord, it is good to hear your voice.” The King smiles. “I can give that back to you. But why ..” Before he can ask him, it is Merlin, who again takes the floor. “I thought it’s time to show the people here that you don’t despise the magic. That you have accepted me, a sorcerer. That you have accepted my magic. And that you have no fear to use it yourself.” Arthur shakes his head. “No, don’t do that. Go home! You have to protect the Kingdom. You have to protect Gwen. If you reveal yourself here, there is no way back. Everyone will know who you are. Then you’re an easy target. Camelot needs you.”

The people around the stone circle are still silent. Silently and helpless they look around. These aren’t the words of the King, which they had expected. These aren’t the words of a murderer. These aren’t the words of a King who wants to kill all the magicians and who banishes the magic for the rest of life. Confused they look in the round. Only Mordred’s angry. He wasn’t prepared for that. He didn’t expect that. Why can the King communicate in this way? Furious, he screams: “Come out Emrys! Come on out and free your King! Come here to me in the stone circle!” But Merlin simply ignores him. Instead, he speaks again with Arthur. “Arthur, you know that I could never let you die. I would rather give my life for you.”

Mordred shouts angrily: “”Come out! Why are you hiding, you coward? Come out!” He realizes what’s going on. They great encouragement of the people of the camp decreases. In its place now doubt is in their faces. If he is not watching, they will turn against him. He screams again. “Come out Emrys! Show yourself!” Now it’s Arthur, who interferes worried: “”Don’t do that! This is too dangerous! They are far too many!” Stunned they look at the King in the center of the stone circle. The mighty King of Camelot indeed worries about a sorcerer.


Ritual of the Three Souls - part 2 - scene 7

With discomfort Alvarr has experienced the last minute. What happens here? Yes, the King has changed the laws during the last weeks. And obviously he is a friend of a wizard. But he is and remains a Pendragon. Too many people with magical abilities had to die due to the Pendragons. Today is the moment for revenge. Arthur must die. The ritual must be performed. But until the constellation are still nearly two hours. Sceptically he takes the sacrificial dagger and puts it in his belt. Then he takes his place next to Mordred. He will ensure that Arthur will die today.

Suddenly, the crowd forms a lane to the stone circle. A young man walks through. They stare at at him curiously. It is Merlin. As Mordred recognizes him, he smiles masterfully. “Merlin or should I call you Emrys? Now you show yourself after all.” And also Arthur turns his head towards him and looks at him. He shakes his head. He whispers: “Go home. Save yourself. Save Gwen and Camelot.” But Merlin doesn’t even think to go home. In front of the stone circle he stops and smiles at his King. “I’m not leaving without you.” Then Mordred makes a step between the two friends. “You! How can you dare to appear here! You are the servant of a murderer! The servant of the King! And a sorcerer! How many of our kind did you see die? You’re just a traitor, nothing more.” Merlin smiles. “No Mordred. The traitor’s you.” He looks into the still paralyzed crowd.

"Wizards, families, friends .. the man who you trust here has decided your death. While you stand here and watch the sacrifice of the King, outside the camp a large army is forming. The army is already going to attack here! They will do everything to save their King." A murmur goes through the crowd. "What are you thinking? That you can kidnap and sacrifice their King without that they will do something? Do you think they stand by and watch him die? How can you be so gullible? How can you be so blind?"

He looks at Mordred. “Instead, you trust him? Mordred is pure hatred. Your life means nothing to him. The messenger who King Lot has sent, was killed and tied onto his horse. Do you really think he will be able to defend you against an entire army? Does he want that at all? All that he wants is revenge. He wants Arthur’s death. He wants Camelot’s downfall. And for this he will stop at nothing! If the army attacks here, you’ll all die. You will die and finally seal the downfall of Camelot. That’s what he wants. And you’re helping him.” He shakes his head.

Mordred feels backed into a corner. “Don’t believe him! I promised to free you all and that’s what I do. I free you from the tyranny of the Pendragons! And I will defend you against the army. These men have no chance against us. We will destroy them.” He has his confidence back. Satisfied, he smiles. Until Havgan enters the stone circle. “Friends. You know me. Wasn’t my advice always important? Then listen to me now. Mordred is not your friend. He has told me earlier, that you don’t interest him. It doesn’t interest him, whether you’ll die or not. He won’t defend us. All he wants is the power of ritual and Camelot’s downfall.”

Then he turns to Merlin. “But this one.” He points with his stick at Merlin. “He has won the trust of the King. All these years he has worked to bring back the magic. At Arthur’s side, he has helped to create a fair and just kingdom. For his sake the King has changed the law. We should give the King the opportunity to cancel the law definitively. We can end this war of the old and the new religion here and now for all times. Trust him! He trusts his King.” Another murmur goes through the crowd. “Friends. He is Emrys. He is the one who was announced to us many years ago. Give him and his King a chance. I know that the suffering can’t be undone. But today we can prevent further suffering.”

Mordred looks angrily at the old druid. “You want to free the King? Then go and get him!” Havgan just smiles. “I’m not a fool Mordred. I know the secret of the stone. I will not try to free the King within the stone circle. I won’t give the stone power about my magic.” Mordred sparkles furiously at the old man. Murmur rises. The people demand the release of the King. Mordred is stunned. He looks at Alvarr and whispers into his ear: “Kill him! Kill the King! “Alvarr looks at him. “But what about the constellation?” “Go to the devil with the constellation! The main thing is that Arthur is dead! The sacrifice will also work without the constellation. The power gain is then indeed lower, but that doesn’t matter.” Alvarr looks satisfied at him. Then he takes a step back to the sacrificial stone. Meanwhile, Mordred takes the floor. 

"Friends! Don’t believe this old fool more than me! I’m your new leader. Look, I even have the King’s sword." He pulls the sword out of his belt. Merlin didn’t get distracted by Mordred and his beautiful spectacle. Sceptically he observes Alvarr. When he pulls a dagger out of his belt to push it into Arthur’s chest, Merlin raises his hands and his eyes change their color. With full force Alvarr flies through the air and is thrown against a tree. He is dead. The dagger slips out of his hand to the ground. At the same time there was an outcry by the masses. "Mordred, I won’t let you kill Arthur." Then he turns to the people. "Now you have seen what he really wants. Your opinion doesn’t care. All he wants is Arthur’s death."


Ritual of the Three Souls - part 2 - scene 8

Angrily Mordred looks around. His plan seems doomed to fail. But he still has an advantage. Merlin can’t enter the stone circle. With the sword in his hand he walks around the sacrificial stone. “I’m trying to complete the ritual to save us all! Only if I’m strong enough, I can stop the army! And what are you doing? You protect the man who has banned the magic for years.” Merlin shakes his head. “No Mordred. I don’t protect only the King. I protect the people here. Give me the King. Let him go. Only then we will be able to stop the army.” Mordred laughs out loud. “And do you really believe then Camelot and King Lot don’t attack? No, they will attack anyway. Because it is their chance to destroy us.”

Merlin raises his hands. Aloud, he calls out to the crowd. “I promise , if you let Arthur go, nothing will happen to you. The army will go home without to attack. I have the Queen’s word. She doesn’t want this war.” Mordred smiles nasty. “Fine. You want me so stop? But you can’t. I will perform the ritual.” He raises the sword of the King again. “And I’m going to use the most powerful weapon of all. A sword forged in the dragon’s breath.” He wields the sword to kill Arthur with it. But he can’t. Merlin has reacted and raised his hands. With all his power he fights against it. He keeps the sword in the air. He fights against Mordred strength. His eyes light up. 

Opposed Mordred tries grimly to push the sword into the King’s body. But it doesn’t move. Instead, it now pulls on his arm. He has trouble to hold this sword. The pull is getting stronger. He can’t stand it. Even with all its magic, he is not strong enough. With another small gesture Merlin has done it. The sword slides out of Mordred’s hand. It flies through the air to slip in Merlin’s hand. He holds it. Mordred lowers his arms. Horrified, he takes a few steps back. Merlin’s eyes have returned to his normal color. He breathes through. He has done it. He has the sword of the King back in his hands. He smiles as he looks at it. And now he will also free the King.

Mordred uses this small moment. With a small gesture, he raises the sacrificial dagger, which lay on the floor next to Alvarrs feet. And with another movement of his hand it flies in the direction of Arthur. Before Merlin can react, it pierces the chest of the King. With wide eyes, Arthur shouts bloodcurdling. A glow leaves his chest. His soul leaves his body. Motionless, the King remains on the stone.

Shocked, Merlin goes down to his knees. He still can’t enter the stone circle. But Arthur needs him. He has to save him. It’s too late. He falls to the ground. All his powers seem to have left him. Powerless and helpless, he collapses. With tears in his eyes, he looks over at Arthur. Desperate, he calls his name. “Arthur! Arthur!” But the King doesn’t move. He can’t feel him. He feels neither his presence before him, nor the presence in his mind. Everything he feels is infinite emptiness.


Ritual of the Three Souls - part 2 - scene 9

Mordred stands next to them and grins. Fascinated, he watches the spectacle. Fascinated, he sees how the soul of the great King unites with the souls of his two previous sacrifices. They glow like fireflies in the dark. They circle each other. Together they rise and try to catch each other until they eventually sink back down to eye level. Mordred stretches out his hand. He can touch them. Soft as snowflakes in the winter they touch his hand. At the same time an incredible sense of power flows through his body. So incredibly strong, so incredibly wonderful. Then the souls rise again for a last dance. They fly away to find themselves again in a circle in the light of the stars and the moon. They are dancing a perfect round dance. 

As the first of the souls touches Mordred’s hand again, once again power flows through his body. He feels as it flows into him. It flows out of the soul. It flows into his fingers, passes through his hand and flows up his arms. Up into his dead soul.

Merlin falls to the ground. His body trembles. Something sucks everything out of him. He feels how everything flows out of him. How his soul desperately struggles to hold his life together.  He feels how his memories leave him, how his feelings leave him. Images of people appear to which he can’t remember the name. This is Gaius. Merlin stretches out his hand to hold him. Or not? Who is that? There is a feeling that he knows this man. There is a feeling that there is something special what connects them. Then even this feeling and this image are disappeared. Merlin screams. He screams to fill this emptiness. He screams for security and love, for affection and understanding, for confidence and loyalty, for everything that makes him Merlin.

Mordred smiles. He looks down at Merlin. “It’s too late Merlin. Arthurs soul has left his body. The ritual is in full progress. I’ve already absorbed the first of the souls.”

Merlin still screams. Something tugs at him, something tugs at his soul. One part tugs him in one direction. He wants to follow it. He wants to follow the images. He wants to follow his memories. The other part tugs him in another direction. He just wants to die. His soul is torn. As if it were a large cloth, from which everyone wants to grab a shred to take it along. Every memory that fades, every feeling that leaves, tears a part of his soul. Emptiness, there is nothing but emptiness. Emptiness and darkness. Merlin’s eyes are open. He stares into the night.

The second of the souls lands on Mordred’s hand. Again he feels the tremendous power that flows through his body. “Do you feel that Merlin? Do you feel how I absorb the magic? Do you feel how it tears you at the same time? Merlin, everything you did was for nothing. Arthur is dead and Camelot will be destroyed. It’s over.” He laughs out loud. “How does it feel to see how everything you love is doomed to die?” 

But Merlin doesn’t feel anything more. And he doesn’t see anything more. He sees neither the stars nor the moon. He sees neither Mordred, nor the dead body of his friend lying on the sacrificial stone. He sees neither the dancing soul of his beloved King, nor the shadow that rises above it. He screams. He screams, because that is all, he has left. Until even this ebbs. Motionlessly, he remains lying. His empty eyes stare at the sky.

The people around the stone circle have retreated. Stunned, they look at each other. They try to understand what happened. Stunned, they look down at the motionless body of the young wizard. Stunned, they look up at the dead body of the King. They close their eyes to forget everything they have seen in the last few minutes. They take each other in their arms. They mourn. Tears running down their faces. Yes, they wanted freedom. Yes, at the beginning they wanted Arthur’s death. But they never wanted this horror.


Ritual of the Three Souls - part 2 - scene 10

"Mordred stop it! Don’t you see what you’re causing?" Havgan bends down to Merlin. Mordred only laughs. Selfconfident he stands there. Because the third soul, Arthur’s soul is still hovering high up in the air, Mordred also leaves the stone circle. He is sure of himself. Scornfully, he looks down at Merlin. "There he is your Emrys. What has he brought you? Nothing! What were they worth all your prophecies? Nothing!" He laughs loud and nasty. Havgan looks up at him. Then he takes the sword of the King out of Merlin’s hands and walks up to Mordred. "I will put an end to it. I’ll prevent that you absorbe the third soul." Mordred grins. "You can’t. And you know it."

Havgan smiles. “You’ve made a mistake. You’ve left the stone circle. You are out of the reach of the sacrificial stone. The stone doesn’t protect you here.” He raises the sword. Immediately, Mordred retreats. His laughter passed away. But he can’t go far. The people around them form a circle around him. He can’t escape. “Mordred, you know that this sword can kill you. It can kill what’s already dead!” When the old druid takes a swing, Mordred’s eyes light up. And in front of everyone he dissolves. They look around. He’s gone. Disappeared.

Havgan goes back down on his knees close to Merlin. Pelleas also kneels down next to him. “Is he dead?” Havgan shakes his head. “No, his body lives. But it is an empty shell. The ritual is so powerful. It has torn his soul.” Pelleas shakes his head sadly. “But it was not finished! Mordred hasn’t yet absorbed Arthur’s soul!” Havgan shakes his head. “Maybe his soul is still hanging on by a thread. But no more. There is nothing I can do. Nothing.” Then he looks over at the lifeless body of the King and his soul floating in the air. “Go Pelleas. Find King Lot and the Queen of Camelot. Tell them that we won’t defend ourselves. Tell them that their King and his sorcerer are dead.” He puts the sword in Pelleas hands. “Take this with you. Give it to the Queen.”

Pelleas stands up and wipes a tear from the corner of his eye. Then he takes the sword of the King and walks over to Arthur. Gently, he looks down at him. “I’m sorry. I wished I could have done more for you. But I don’t even have the power to open your shackles.” He shakes his head sadly and takes a step backwards. The lonely soul floats above the lifeless body of the King. “Havgan? What happens now with his soul?” The old man looks over at Pelleas. “The soul will become weaker and finally dissolve. It is no longer tied to the ritual since Mordred is gone. Only he would have been able to absorb it. I hope Arthur’s soul will find its peace.” 

Angry and sad at the same time, Pelleas wields the sword in his hand. Just when he wants to turn away, it starts to glow. Or better the marks of the Old Religion start to glow. They reflect the moonlight and the light of the stars. In shock Pelleas drops the sword to the ground and retreats. Something flew over him. Just for a moment he saw it. Just for a moment he felt it. The hot breath of the dragon. Like a stream it flows through the air. 

It creates a swirl that takes the King’s soul with it. Slowly, it slides down and touches the breast of the King. Slowly, it slides into. Until it is disappeared in the King’s breast. 

Then there is silence. Until as if by magic the iron shackles on Arthur’s arms and legs open. Then it is dark. Until the torches around them burn up brightly. The people hold their breath. Then they hear it. A beat of wings so powerful to generate wind. Then they see it. A dragon flies over the glade again. A dragon so powerful and beautiful. Then it’s over. Aithusa is gone.

Havgan has stared spellbound to the sacrificial stone. A dragon flew over them and has blessed Arthur with his breath.

Arthur feels the pain in his chest. The dagger is still in it. He takes it with his left hand and pulls it out. Blood seeps out of the wound. It is not too deep. He opens his eyes and looks into the sky. It is night. Did he dream? Or was he really dead? Is he still dead? He raises his right hand. His wrists ache from the shackles which had cut into his flesh. No. He’s alive. Slowly, he sits up. Majestically, he sits on the sacrificial stone. Slowly, he looks around.

Hundreds of people are standing around him. Men, women, children. He tries to get up, but he reels. The efforts of the last few days have left their marks. Pelleas takes heart and walks to him to hold him. The King smiles gratefully at him. “Pelleas?” The boy nods. “Pelleas, finish what you started. Run and inform the Queen and King Lot. Bring them to me.” Pelleas nods. Arthur has his legs now under control. He can stand alone. Pelleas looks at him. Then he turns around and runs of the glade into the woods, towards the army.

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